TK Kerstetter

Chairman, NYSE Governance Services – Corporate Board Member

Host – “This Week in the Boardroom”


TK Kerstetter is Chairman of NYSE Governance Services - Corporate Board Member, a subsidiary focused on corporate board thought leadership issues and governance trends. Corporate Board Member publishes the industry leading Corporate Board Member magazine, in addition to managing a director and C-suite officer database, board research services, and an extensive events and conference education operation.

Currently, Mr. Kerstetter is the producer and co-host of “This Week in the Boardroom,” a weekly on-demand web show filmed at the New York Stock Exchange and also authors “The Board Blog” a popular tell-it like-it-is blog for corporate directors. Kerstetter is known throughout the public company arena as a trailblazer in the emerging board education space. In addition to creating the informational “This Week” web show, he is responsible for the introduction of practical board and committee peer exchanges used today by many education providers and the development of specific board committee conferences, particularly in the financial services industry. In addition he has played a leadership role in building board diversity numbers by developing the “Moving the Needle” board diversity event and in 2010 was named a national recipient of the ION “Guys Who Get It” honor.

Prior to Corporate Board Member being acquired by the NYSE Euronext in 2010, Kerstetter served 15 years as Chief Executive Officer of Board Member Inc. a private holding company that operated both Corporate Board Member and Bank Director. Bank Director published a board focused magazine and compliment of conferences and education programs strictly for the banking industry. In 2011 Mr. Kerstetter spear-headed the launch of the Board Leadership Program, in conjunction with NYSE Euronext, which provides corporate secretaries, general counsel, and board leadership with critical updates and high-caliber content offered through a variety of live and online events.

A graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) and Harvard Business School Advanced Management Program, he started his career in the banking business and served as president and director of the $3+ billion publically-held Wilmington Savings Fund Society spanning a 20 year banking career. In 1988 IUP awarded Kerstetter its “Outstanding Alumni Award” and in 2000 he was named to the IUP Sports Hall of Fame for his accomplishments in college basketball.

Prior to joining Corporate Board Member, Mr. Kerstetter founded the Bank Directors Training Center in Wilmington, Delaware. In 1994, he authored a guidebook titled, Ten Commandments for Bank Directors: the "Official" Guide Regulators Won't Publish, which was released as a monograph by the National Association of Corporate Directors.

Mr. Kerstetter has appeared on both CNBC and Fox Business News addressing Corporate Board Member’s annual “What Directors Think” research and various board trends. His director and board governance articles have been highlighted in numerous publications, and he has conducted over two hundred speeches and presentations for national and state associations, public and private companies, and banking organizations.

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